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demo fmri correlation searchlight Demo: fMRI searchlights with split-half correlations, classifier, and representational similarity analysis
demo fmri distatis Demo: DISTATIS
demo fmri rois Demo: fMRI Region-Of-Interest (ROI) analyses
demo fmri searchlight lda Demo: fMRI searchlights LDA classifier
demo fmri searchlight naive bayes Demo: fMRI searchlight with naive bayes classifier
demo fmri searchlight rsm Demo: fMRI searchlights with representational similarity analysis
demo meeg dataset operations MEEG dataset operations
demo meeg timefreq searchlight MEEG time-frequency searchlight
demo meeg timelock searchlight MEEG time-lock searchlight
demo meeg timeseries classification MEEG timeseries classification
demo meeg timeseries generalization MEEG time-by-time transfer classification
demo surface searchlight lda Demo: fMRI surface-based searchlights with LDA classifier
demo surface tfce Demo: Threshold-Free Cluster Enhancement (TFCE) on surface dataset