cosmo phase stat hdrΒΆ

function stat_ds=cosmo_phase_stat(ds,varargin)
% Compute phase perturbation, or opposition sum or product phase statistic
% stat_ds=cosmo_phase_stat(ds,...)
% Inputs:
%   ds                      dataset struct with fields:
%       .samples            PxQ complex matrix for P samples (trials,
%                           observations) and Q features (e.g. combinations
%                           of time points, frequencies and channels)
%       .sa.targets         Px1 array with trial conditions.
%                           There must be exactly two conditions, thus
%                           .sa.targets must have exactly two unique
%                           values. A balanced number of samples is
%                           requires, i.e. each of the two unique values in
%                           .sa.targets must occur equally often.
%       .sa.chunks          Px1 array indicating which samples can be
%                           considered to be independent. It is required
%                           that all samples are independent, therefore
%                           all values in .sa.chunks must be different from
%                           each other
%       .fa                 } optional feature attributes
%       .a                  } optional sample attributes
%  'output',p               Return statistic, one of the following:
%                           - 'pbi': phase bifurcation index
%                           - 'pos': phase opposition sum
%                           - 'pop': phase opposition product
%  'samples_are_unit_length',u  (optional)
%                           If u==true, then all elements in ds.samples
%                           are assumed to be already of unit length. If
%                           this is indeed true, this can speed up the
%                           computation of the output.
%  'check_dataset',c        (optional, default=true)
%                           if c==false, there is no check for consistency
%                           of the ds input.
% Output:
%   stat_ds                 struct with fields
%       .samples            1xQ array with 'pbi', 'pos', or 'pop' function
%       .a                  } if present in the input, then the output
%       .fa                 } contains these fields as well
% Notes:
%   - if a dataset is not balanced for number of trials, consider using
%     cosmo_balance_dataset to balance it.
% See also: cosmo_balance_dataset, cosmo_phase_itc
% #   For CoSMoMVPA's copyright information and license terms,   #
% #   see the COPYING file distributed with CoSMoMVPA.           #