We would like to thank the following people for specific contributions:

  • Gunnar Blohm and Sara Fabri: for inviting the developers (ACC and NNO) to speak at the 2013 Summer School in Computational Sensory-Motor Neuroscience (CoSMo 2013 workshop) workshop. This invitation formed the basis of CoSMoMVPA.

  • Gunnar Blohm for providing us with, and allowing us to use, the CoSMo logo.

  • Michael Hanke, Yaroslav Halchenko, and James Haxby: for their work on and support of PyMVPA, which inspired the semantics and data structure of datasets in CoSMoMVPA.

  • Stephania Bracci: for providing sample datasets in BrainVoyager.

  • Jimmy Shen: for providing a free/open source NIFTI library.

  • Joern Diedrichsen and Tobias Wiestler for contributions in the LDA classifier, and contributions to the surfing toolbox.

  • Nathan Weisz and Gianpaolo Demarchi: for providing an MEEG dataset.

  • Steve Eddins for the formerly used MATLAB xUnit Test Framework.

  • Thomas Smith for inspiration for the doctest functionality.

  • Jimmy Shen for providing the NIfTI toolbox.

  • Jens Scharzbach for help with improving and adding exercises.

  • Guillaume Flandin for the GIfTI library for Matlab.

  • Robert Oostenveld et al for the FieldTrip package.

  • Ziad Saad and Gang Chen for the AFNI Matlab toolbox.

  • Jochen Weber for the NeuroElf toolbox.

The following people have provided valuable suggestions, advice, support, or code to CoSMoMVPA:

  • Talia Brandman

  • Christoph Braun

  • James Brissenden

  • Robert W. Cox

  • Karen Cuculiza

  • Sarah Belinda Aimee Degosciu

  • Sara Fabri

  • Hanna Gertz

  • Tijl Grootswagers

  • Yaroslav Halchenko

  • Thomas Hartmann

  • James Haxby

  • Clayton Hickey

  • Thomas Hinault

  • Daniel Kaiser

  • James Keidel

  • Sukhbinder Kumar

  • Cristina Lava

  • Seth Levine

  • Stefania Mattioni

  • Mike Miller

  • Maria Montchal

  • Sam Nastase

  • Liuba Papeo

  • Nicholas Peatfield

  • Alexis Perez

  • Jia Hou Poh

  • Daria Proklova

  • Reshanne Reader

  • Anne Roefs

  • Luca Ronconi

  • Gaetan Sanchez

  • Joscha Schmiedt

  • Jens Schwarzbach

  • Yuan Tao

  • Mohamed Tawfik

  • Ben Timberlake

  • Lara Todorova

  • Raffaele Tucciarelli

  • Luca Turella

  • Moritz Wurm

Work on CoSMoMVPA has been supported by the ATTEND project.


CoSMoMVPA uses external toolboxes to provide certain functionality. If you use certain features in CoSMoMVPA, please cite the appropriate toolboxes/packages (in addition to citing CoSMoMVPA). Note that you can get a citation list in matlab by running cosmo_check_external('-cite') after running your analysis.

  • GIFTI data: G. Flandin, GIfTI library for matlab. available online from

  • [OFMS11] FieldTrip MEG data: R. Oostenveld, P. Fries, E. Maris, J.-M. Schoffelen, FieldTrip: Open Source Software for Advanced Analysis of MEG, EEG, and Invasive Electrophysiological Data, Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience, vol. 2011, Article ID 156869, 9 pages, 2011.doi:10.1155/2011/156869. FieldTrip toolbox available online from

  • NIFTI/ANALYZE fMRI data: J. Shen, NIFTI toolbox. available online from

  • AFNI fMRI data: Z. Saad, G. Chen, AFNI Matlab library. available online from

  • [OTD12] Surface-based searchlight: N. N. Oosterhof, T Wiestler, J. Diedrichsen, A comparison of volume-based and surface-based multi-voxel pattern analysis. Neuroimage 56 (2), 593-600. Surfing toolbox available online from

  • Brainvoyager fMRI data: J. Weber, NeuroElf toolbox. available online from