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run anatomical dataset basics Anatomical dataset basics In this example, load a brain as a CoSMoMVPA datset and visualize it in matlab
run bad double dipping analysis Double dipping
run classify lda odd-even classification with LDA classifier
run classify naive bayes Two-class classification with naive baysian classifier
run classify svm Classification using svm
run compare dsm RSA Tutorial Compare DSMs
run correlation measure Exercise with cosmo_correlation_measure Split-half correlation analysis using cosmo_correlation_measure
run cross validation Cross validation example with multiple classifiers This example runs cross validation and shows confusion matrix using multiple classifiers
run crossvalidation measure Cross validation measure example This example runs cross validation with the cosmo_crossvalidation_measure function, using a classifier with n-fold crossvalidation. It shows the confusion matrices using multiple classifiers
run crossvalidation searchlight Crossvalidation searchlight
run dataset basics Dataset basics
run demean Example of de-meaning
run feature selection classifier An example of using feature selection with a classifier
run fmri correlation searchlight trivial Demo: fMRI searchlights with split-half correlation
run load datasets Dataset Basics Load datasets using cosmo_fmri_dataset
run measure searchlight Searchlight using a data measure
run meeg time generalization MEEG time generalization in a region (in space-time) of interest
run meeg time generalization mcc MEEG time generalization multiple comparison correction This example shows MVPA analyses performed on MEEG data.
run meeg timefreq measures MEEG time-frequency searchlight
run meeg timelock measures MEEG time-lock searchlight
run multiple comparison correction Multiple comparison correction with Threshold-Free Cluster Enhancement
run nfold crossvalidate n-fold cross-validation classification with LDA classifier
run nifti basics NIFTI basics In this example, load a brain and visualize it in matlab
run operations on datasets Dataset Basics Run operations on datasets
run permutation test Permutation test example
run roi neighborhood ROI neighborhood example
run rsa visualize RSA Visualize
run rsm measure searchlight Searchlight for representational similarity analysis
run setting sample attr Dataset Basics (setting sample attributes)
run sphere offsets Show sphere offsets for used in spherical neighborhood
run sphere offsets searchlight Searchlight analysis in the volume
run spherical neighborhood searchlight Spherical searchlight this example implements a spherical searchlight using cosmo_spherical_neighborhood and performs crossvalidation with a nearest neigh classifier
run splithalf correlations roi-based MVPA with group-analysis
run splithalf correlations searchlight Volumetric fMRI Searchlight
run splithalf correlations single sub Roi-based MVPA for single subject (run_split_half_correlations_single_sub)
run surface searchlight Demo: fMRI surface-based searchlights with LDA classifier